issue 06/2021
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Topics: World Sterilization Congress in Geneva | manual cleaning of flexible bronchoscopes... more
Product information "ZENTRALSTERILIZATION 06/2021"

Topics: World Sterilization Congress in Geneva | manual cleaning of flexible bronchoscopes using bioluminescence | 

What’s up in Geneva?

The World Sterilization Congress which was held in Geneva from 17 to 20 November 2021 has just come to an end. Among the numerous topics discussed and innovations presented, I will report to you on those that drew my attention either because they testify to the dynamism of our field of activity, or because they are a precursor sign of an evolution of our practices. The first of these innovations relates to the pre-cleaning of surgical instruments based on pressurized sodium bicarbonate. Like the isolators used for preparation of anticancer chemotherapies in our hospital pharmacies, this entirely hermetically sealed, pre-cleaning cabin enables the operator, seated at a workstation, to remove the soils present on instruments after use (blood, mucus, bone, cement, etc.), thanks to the action of a jet of sodium bicarbonate microparticles. This semi-automated process which is carried out before the cleaning step in a washer-disinfector could be installed in the operating room or RUMED as an alternative or complement to the immersion pre-treatment, as used in France, as soon the soiled medical device is received in the RUMED or before soiled devices are transported in a humid environment, as is recommended in many other countries. Whatever the organizational setup planned, because of its easy application, user and environmental safety as well as its promising efficacy [1], this could be of interest to those who are on a constant lookout for improvements in the cleaning process. [...]
Christophe Lambert


21st World Sterilization Congress 17 – 20 November 2021, Geneva, Switzerland


N. Carbone, D. Amante: Evaluation of manual cleaning of flexible bronchoscopes using bioluminescence at a single institution: Making the transition to disposable instruments and surgical packs for intra-ocular surgery


Recommendation of the Committee for Quality: Is validation of processes in storage cabinets with controlled storage conditions legally mandated?

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