Part 10 of the publication Requirements for Construction or Reconstruction of a Reprocessing Unit for Medical Devices (RUMED) focuses on compressed air for medical use, generally known simply as medical compressed air. Part 11: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in a RUMED
Recommendation from Steri-World 06/2018.

Recommendations by the quality task group (108 – update)
The information provided by the manufacturer serves as THE BASIS FOR PROCESSING
each and every medical device (MD) and makes stringent demands on
the organizational skills of a Reprocessing Unit for Medical Devices (RUMED) [1]
with regard to the practicability and implementation of such processing measures.
The revision of EN ISO 17664:2017 is an opportune moment to examine the
changes made to the standard as well as their implications for everyday practice.
This present publication also updates Recommendation 46 of the Quality Task