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Recommendations by the quality task group (108 – update)
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30 September – 1 October 2018 in Fulda

The 22nd Congress of the German Society of Sterile Supply (DGSV) was held once again at its usual venue of the Esperanto Congress Centre in Fulda. In his opening speech to the congress DGSV chairman, Maik Roitsch, thanked the speakers, among others, pointing out that the DGSV was donating 25 euros for each lecture to the INDRENI project, aimed at supporting children in Nepal.
Editorial from Steri-World 06/2018.
The Working Group for Testing Detergents (AG RMT) of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) e.V.), which was set up in 2011, devised and developed a new test method for comparative evaluation of detergents for instrument reprocessing.
Editorial from Steri-World 05/2018.
A unique approach to implementing quality improvement in decontamination practice
Article from Steri-World 05/2018.

2nd SF2S Congress and 4th JIFS International Francophone Sterilization Conference in Marseille, 19 – 21 September 2018
Welcome to issue 3 of Steri World. We have a good mix of experience reports and conference reviews with an interesting article from Stephen Kovach and colleagues on enhanced visual inspection of medical devices.
When my friendly reminder to write this editorial came from mhp I was engrossed in a documentary on the television. Its was discussing operations on babies within the womb who had signs of spina bifida.