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ZENTRALSTERILIZATION – CENTRAL SERVICE is a professional journal for all aspects of sterile supply. It contains original articles, reviews, recommendations, guidelines, reports from the field as well as short communications and letters.

Manuscripts already published or submitted for publication elsewhere cannot be considered for publication. All manuscripts are subject to peer review. Evaluation criteria differ depending on the manuscript category (e.g. reports from the field, original articles). Upon acceptance for publication, copyright of the article is transferred to mhp Verlag GmbH. The designated principal author will receive proofs for final approval and a PDF file of the published article or 10 journal copies free of charge.

The preparation of scientific papers should essentially be in accordance with the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (Ann Intern Med 1997; 126: 36-47). The language of the journal is German and English. Manuscripts can be submitted in one of these languages and should be sent directly to the Production Editor and submitted in an electronic format (e-mail:

Articles should include a title page with the names, academic degrees and addresses of all authors, abstract, and keywords. The text of scientific articles should be composed of Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments ( if applicable) and References. Articles other than scientific papers may have a different outline, but should always contain a summary. Figures should be professional drawings or high-quality photographs. All figures and tables must be mentioned in the text and be supplied as separate files (figures in high resolution JPG, TIFF or PDF files).

References must be listed in the numerical order of their appearance in the text (not alphabetically!). Use the following format for references:

Reponen T, Wang Z, Willeke K, Grinshpun A: Survival of Mycobacteria on N95 Personal Respirators. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 1999; 20(4): 237-241
Eisen HN: Immunology: An introduction to molecular and cellular principles of the immune response. 5th ed. New York: Harper and Row, 1974: 406ff
Weinstein L, Swartz MN: Pathogenic properties of invading microorganisms. In: Sodeman WA Jr, Sodeman WA, eds. Pathologic physiology: Mechanisms of disease. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 1974: 457-472.
Information on the scope of the journal can be found on a separate page.

More detailed information for the various manuscript categories is available in the information for authors
or in the publication ethics statement.


The manuscript should be submitted in electronic format (text as a Word and PDF file; illustrations in high-quality printable form in tiff, eps or jpg format with 300 dpi resolution) to the following address:

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