issue 02/2022: Practical issues with instructions for use
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Contents Editorial by Wayne Spencer I intended to write something on leadership for the... more
Product information "ZENTRALSTERILIZATION 02/2022"


Editorial by Wayne Spencer

I intended to write something on leadership for the opening of this edition and the recent events have brought this sharply into focus. The emergence of Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a household name across the world owes as much to the way he has conducted himself in the face of adversity as anything else. Here is a man who became a national leader from the most unusual of backgrounds. A comedian, actor, scriptwriter and director but not a politician. What is obvious from his recent virtual appearances in government chambers around Europe is that this is somebody who is not afraid of showing vulnerability or empathy and actually seems a better leader for it. The philanthropist and author Tony Robbins who has written extensively on leadership says that “Empathetic leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on identifying with others and understanding their point of view. Empathetic leaders take a genuine interest in the people around them – what makes them tick, what inspires them and the way they feel”. He goes on to say that when you understand the feelings and needs of your team, it gets easier. By letting your team know you are there for them and providing unconditional support, you’ll create an environment where they feel they can come to you with anything. [...]


W. Michels*, P. Lorek, M. Zimmermann, J. Rödig: The influence of the dwell times including transportation on the cleaning of surgical instruments in the WD

R. Bancroft*, W. Spencer: Practical issues with instructions for use (IFU) for reusable medical devices


Recommendation by the Committee for Hygiene, Construction and Technology: Hygiene Requirements in a Reprocessing Unit for Medical Devices (RUMED)

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