A Christmas update from the womb

© Wayne Spencer

© Wayne Spencer

Wayne Spencer

Welcome to our final edition of 2018. In many ways this year has flown by at a rate faster than every previous one (the subject of a previous editorial rant) but in other ways some things seemed to have been dragged out and certain periods of the year seemed very slow. Maybe I can blame the never ending “Brexit” saga for that!

A few months back I wrote an editorial on spina bifida surgery after watching a documentary on the television. As a reminder, it was discussing operations on babies within the womb who had signs of spina bifida. After watching the documentary, I started thinking about the implications of such surgery on the sterilization process and in particular the ancillary processes that accompany sterilization such as tracking and traceability and segregation of high risk (from a prion disease perspective) instrument sets. Recently I visited a leading children’s hospital in the UK where some of the clinicians involved in the process were based.

The procedure has brought together researchers from the University College London and NHS clinicians from University College London Hospitals and Great Ormond Street. This has been done in partnership with University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium who have been undertaking this procedure for a number of years. It is worth noting that that the surgery is not performed at the children’s hospital as I had first presumed but at a nearby acute hospital for adults. Obviously, the correct equipment and expertise to anaesthetise an adult is required  for the mother.

Read more in Steri-World Issue 06/18.

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Publication Date: 21.12.2018
Editorial - A Christmas update from the womb, Steri-World 2018; Volume 1; 06/2018; p. 1. 
Photo: Wayne SpencerAuthor: Wayne Spencer
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