A trial use of an electronic Bowie Dick (BD) test logger in the annual maintenance of a prevacuum autoclave

Y. Uetera*1, N. Kumada1, K. Fukatsu1, H. Tanno2
Surgical Center, University of Tokyo Hospital, 2 Sakura Engineering Co., Ltd.


The Bowie-Dick (BD) test is performed daily as well as in the weekly, quarterly, annual and revalidation tests. When an autoclave undergoes a maintenance or repair procedure, the autoclave should return to service in a short time in the busy environment of acute care units: an operating theater and so on.

Recently, an electronic BD test logger has come into practical use. The logger has a wireless structure and can be placed anywhere in the chamber easily. For investigating the logger’s role, the authors used it on a trial basis when one of prevacuum autoclaves underwent an annual maintenance procedure. Two brands of a BD test pack were also used.

The autoclave revealed a reverting color change using one brand of a BD test pack one or two days after the test. The other brand revealed a faintly failing color change. The electronic BD test yielded a failing result. Test failures derived from a poorly airtight pipework and failing door sealing system. Vacuum leak tests failed to detect the latter cause. After the repair of these faults, the autoclave passed the electronic and conventional BD tests using two brands of a test pack.

From this preliminary study, it was expected that an electronic BD test logger would serve well as a handy aid for a maintenance and repair procedure of a prevacuum autoclave. Further study is encouraged for confirming this expectation.


Uetera Y, Kumada N, Fukatsu K, Tanno H. A trial use of an electronic Bowie Dick (BD) test logger in the annual maintenance of a prevacuum autoclave.
Zentr Steril 2019; 27 (6): 387–393  


Read more in issue no. 6/2019 of Zentralsterilisation


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