B&D Test results – comments on a current study

© Früh-Consult

© Früh-Consult

Ulrich Kaiser, Matías Pilasi Pendás

The authors of the letter to the editor comment on the following publication [1]: “False positive results of Bowie and Dick type test used for hospital steam sterilizer with slower come-up ramps: A case study”.

The objective of the mentioned article was to determine if the standardized Bowie and Dick (B&D) type test for hospital steam sterilizers is correctly indicating cycle failures in slower come-up ramps cycles.

It is very good that the authors recommend the users to have a look into the machine parameters when releasing the B&D test result.

It is very well known that air removal and steam penetration in hollow devices are much more complex than in a porous pack, thus the use of a process challenge device (PCD) with a higher demand than the most challenging device in the chamber is also advisable for batch release.

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