Editorial: Let’s change paradigm

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© mhp_medien

After SARS in 2003, MERS in 2012, COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) is the third global epidemic of this 21st century. This pandemic shows our vulnerability and our weaknesses in dealing with it. Among our weaknesses the inability to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) (masks, protective gowns, etc.).
That scarcity has given rise to initiatives, attempts and experiments aimed at reprocessing single-use medical devices.
The protocols and recommendations we have seen emerge in this race against time could not of course meet the standards.
We the medical device reprocessing professionals are perfectly aware that the various steps must be organized in accordance with defined and controlled procedures to assure the safety of the finished product.
It is our duty to continue our quest for a possible solution to reprocessing these devices which were sorely missing and up to the present day continue to be in short supply for those in greatest need of them.

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