Why we go to congresses

Christophe Lambert

In September, the 2nd Congress of the French Society of Sterilization Sciences (SF2S) was held together with the 4th International Francophone Sterilization Conference (JIFS) in Marseille. With more than 700 delegates in attendance, this event is currently the principle source of inspiration for Francophone medical device reprocessing personnel. Some people ask what motivates delegates to attend such meetings since accessibility to information has never been so easy, so readily available or so simple. The conviviality, exchange of ideas and face-toface encounters are undoubtedly motivational factors for attending these conferences. Other genuine motivations are the desire to become informed, while also learning from one’s peers. Scientific meetings are one of the channels for transmission of knowledge and experiences and for gauging the status quo. What curiosity would induce 700 delegates to travel to Benin to learn about the state of the art in that country when an inspiring speaker was on hand to report on the situation in her country? These descriptions of practices call to mind the journey travelled and remind us that perhaps the era of the Poupinel dry-heat sterilizer is not so long ago. What is important is that our Beninese speaker set out on a journey in order to share and to learn.
Learning is one of the pillars of exercising our profession but the training provided to reprocessing personnel is even today inadequate and needs to be improved. With its “Reprocessing technician” training programme, the Swiss Society for Sterile Supply is opting for a basic three-year, work-linked training course. This new course should allow for more specialized recruitment better tailored to our needs.


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Publication Date: 08.11.2018

Why we go to congresses, Steri-World 2018; Volume 1; 05/2018; 1.

Photo: Christophe Lambert
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Why we go to congresses, Steri-World 2018; Volume 1; 05/2018; 1.

(1) E-guide Bonnes Pratiques de Stérilisation des dispositifs médicaux réutilisables.

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