Disinfection of surfaces and medical devices – Part 2

Authors: C. Diekmann, S. Krüger, I. Mock, L. Rohrbach, V. Schmidt, R. Thomann, M. Schreiner, Dr. J. Lenz
E-mail: qualitaet@dgsv-ev.de

5. Disinfection of medical devices
The hygiene requirements governing medical device (MD) reprocessing are set out in the corresponding KRINKO/BfArM Recommendation [2] and, based on risk assessment, the MDs are assigned to one of the following groups:
–– Non-critical
–– Semi-critical
–– Critical
The KRINKO/BfArM Recommendation advocates that ➜ PREFERENCE be given to automated cleaning and thermal disinfection.

This recommendation is Part 2 of Recommendation No. 97 by the Quality Task Group entitled Disinfection of surfaces and medical devices.

Download this recommendation here: AKQ_en_ZT_3_16

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