Optimization of Medical Device Positioning for Automated Cleaning and Disinfection

Authors: B. Amann, T. Appel, P. Bröcheler, D. Diedrich, B. Früh, M. Kostrzewa, S. Krüger
Guest authors: Dr. I. Fischnaller, T. Schwibbe
E-mail: qualitaet@dgsv-ev.de

Part 1 (Recommendation 92) described optimal positioning of non-lumened medical devices (MDs). This included an overview of the general prerequisites as well as photographs comparing suitable and unsuitable positioning methods. However, optimal ➜ POSITIONING of lumened medical devices (MDs) is essentially more challenging. These MDs belong to the semi-critical B as well as the critical B and C groups which cannot be inspected for cleanliness in their entirety.
Optimal lumen patency is an indispensable prerequisite for flawless cleaning and disinfection results. To that effect, suitable connectors or adapters must be available or procured.
Standard EN ISO 15883 Part 2 calls for verification of the ➜ FLOW RATE through the lumens and powered devices ( 5.1.2 and 6.3.3). Accordingly, before loading the devices into the washer disinfector (WD) the user should ensure that the unimpeded flow of water is assured through all channels of a medical device. All channels must be open and accessible; the MD manufacturer’s instructions must be observed.
Before starting the process all the requisite connections must be fitted and these must be checked again at the end of the process to ensure that they are still securely in place.

This recommendation is Part 2 of Recommendation No. 95 by the Quality Task Group entitled Optimization of Medical Device Positioning for Automated Cleaning and Disinfection.

Download the recommendation here: AKQ_en_ZT_1_16


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