Programme Controls Part 2: Endoscope washer-disinfectors with chemothermal disinfection

Authors: T. Appel, P. Bröcheler, D. Diedrich, S. Fiedler, A. Forster, A. Jones, M. Kamer, S. Krüger, E. Schmidt, C. Schmid, M. Schreiner, U. Zimmermann; Gast: U. Beilenhoff (DEGEA)

Flexible endoscopes are preferably reprocessed with ➜ AUTOMATED PROCESSES, while paying attention to thorough manual pre-cleaning. The automated sequence of programme cycles assures reproducibility of the individual steps of the programme.
Another major advantage is that in each batch fresh water and fresh process chemicals are dispensed thus pre-empting any decline in the cleaning and disinfectant efficacy
resulting from repeated use. To ensure that all channels are properly flushed, the endoscopes must be connected to their designated connectors in the Endoscope Washer-Disinfector ➜ (EWD), used for flexible endoscopes, as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. The KRINKO/ BfArM Recommendation ”Hygiene requirements for reprocessing medical devices“, 2012, Annex 8 [1], including the supplementary commentaries [7] and DIN EN ISO 15883, Part 1; 4 and 5 must be observed [2]

This recommendation is Part 2 of Recommendation No. 86 by the Quality Task Group entitled Programme Controls. These two recommendations replace Recommendation Nos. 11 and 12 (2000).

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