Requirements for construction or reconstruction of a Reprocessing Unit for Medical Devices (RUMED)

Part 7 of the publication on “Requirements for construction or reconstruction of a reprocessing unit for flexible endoscopes” describes a model approach to determination of the rooms needed, their allocation and the resultant routing systems.
The spatial requirements in medical healthcare institutions shall be described. No reference is made to the requirements for fire protection, building physics,
statics or installation of the various utilities (e.g. gas/water installation, electricity installations, etc.).
The recommendations for equipping and furnishing rooms shall be addressed in Part 8. The process employed to reprocess flexible endoscopes is the same regardless of the reprocessing site. The various constructional designs possible are illustrated in drawings A, B and C.
- “Drawing A Endoscope reprocessing as a multi-room solution within an endoscopy department”
- “Drawing B Endoscope reprocessing in a RUMED”
- “Drawing C Endoscope reprocessing as a one-room solution“
If after evaluation of all spatial/structural conditions, a multi-room solution is not deemed feasible, the minimum requirements for equipping and furnishing
a reprocessing room as a “one-room solution” in healthcare institutions are presented as another option.
“One-room solutions” pose a continuous recontamination risk. If opting for a oneroom solution, strict structural/technical measures must be taken and provision made for organizational/temporal separation of the various working steps.
It is explicitly pointed out here that these presentations are intended as examples and that, accordingly, planning must be tailored to the respective structural situations.


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