Requirements for construction or reconstruction of a Reprocessing Unit for Medical Devices (RUMED) - Part 6

Authors: A. Jones (Coordinator), Dr. M.-Th. Linner (Coordinator), Dipl. Ing. (Grad.Eng.) M. Scherrer, Dipl. Ing. (Grad.Eng.) A. Wentzler, U. Haffke, K. Wiese, G. Lehnert

Part 6 of the publication Requirements for Construction or Reconstruction of a Reprocessing
Unit for Medical Devices (RUMED) focuses on the technical building systems (TBS), without room air conditioning in a RUMED. The room air conditioning (heating, ventilation) will be addressed in a seperate publication.
It serves as guidance for new construction or reconstruction of a RUMED with regard to the technical requirements to be met for the supply and disposal of the different media needed. The regulations listed here (e.g. DIN, recommendations, guidelines and other legal, normative technical regulations), must always be applied in their currently
valid version.
Note: This publication is not a planning template.

Download the recommendation here: FA_Bau_en_ZT_3_2017

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