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Guideline 05/2017
Guideline 05/2017
Guideline of DGKH, DGSV and AKI for the validation and routine monitoring of automated cleaning and thermal disinfection processes for medical devices Validation of the process steps of automated cleaning and disinfecting of medical...
14,00 €
eBook - Requirements and Methods for VAH certification of chemical disinfection procedures
eBook - Requirements and Methods for VAH...
Contents: Detailed description of the laboratory tests and methodology for efficacy testing of products and procedures for routine hand, skin, surface, instrument, and textile disinfection. Requirements for certification and listing of...
38,50 €
Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam
Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam
Author: Jan Huijs In a hospital or clinic it is necessary that all equipment and materials used for treating patients are absolutely safe for use: the chance for spreading of diseases should be kept as small as possible. Cleaning,...
32,80 €
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